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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Need ignition key replacement? Our company has the equipment and ability to offer top auto locksmith

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our specialist crew provides commercial lock repair and replacement of the highest quality.

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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

We provide exceptional residential locksmith services! Call us for all home lock needs

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Fast and reliable emergency automobile locksmith service in the area

Our team offers services for various lock related needs. If you have questions, check out the list below. We provide answers on whether you can fix problems alone or you'll need professional assistance. Also learn why kids and keys don't match and how often locks must be checked.

Can I try and fix a broken lock?

It is not advisable to personally repair a broken lock. Every lock has specifications only a locksmith can decipher. You may aggravate the broken lock’s condition by breaking it further. When you have trouble with your door locks, hiring a locksmith means you don’t need to manually repair it.

Why do I need locksmith services for my business?

With the economy in the down low, theft and break-ins become rampant. In order to prevent business establishments to become the subject for another crime statistic, it is important that commercial properties are made as secure as possible. Robbery offenses have quite a number of business break-ins in them. Furthermore, commercial locksmiths who specialize in providing services for commercial clients know the ins and outs of the commercial business security.

Why children must stay away from keys?

Keys are the most important tools for your home's security in Garden Grove. If you lose them, your security will be compromised and kids have the tendency to hide them or toss them because they don't understand their significance according to our locksmith service. It will help you avoid being locked out or in.

How often should I check the door locks?

Locks should be checked every six months approximately according to the experts of our company in Garden Grove. It will depend on their current condition and whether they are affected by local weather conditions or mistreatment. Lock repair can actually prolong their life and ensure that your house is secure and completely resistant.

Why must doors be aligned?

If the door sags, the latch won't come out straight nor find the hole of the strike plate where it's supposed to enter and lock the door. Our specialists insist that apart from lock repair, doors must be checked, too. Their hinges must be replaced when rusty and tightened.

Where should I keep cabinet keys?

If you have installed cabinet locks to protect your children, keep the keys at a place they cannot reach or don't know about. Your bedroom is an ideal area. Of course, you cannot hide them too well or you'll have a hard time opening the cabinet door locks yourself and you'll intrigue the kids' curiosity.

I have a new car and need a copy of the key. Can you make one that works?

Yes. In almost every case, we can reproduce your car key with the correct security codes so that it works perfectly. Our locksmiths know more about high security car keys than anybody, plus we have the right blanks to create the exact key for your car that you need. Our special equipment and software are designed to make your new key work exactly right and at a reasonable price.

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