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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Need ignition key replacement? Our company has the equipment and ability to offer top auto locksmith

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our specialist crew provides commercial lock repair and replacement of the highest quality.

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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

We provide exceptional residential locksmith services! Call us for all home lock needs

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Skilled technicians offering a full range of locksmith services

Here are tips from professional locksmiths on how to take care of your locks.

Tips when you are locked out of your car

You can always call on “Locksmith Garden Grove” to help you with your troubles.  There are steps you can do to ensure your personal safety during such an incident.

• Remember to have a spare key in your purse or with your family member.  This is to avoid calling emergency locksmith.

• When waiting for the locksmith to arrive, go to a public area.

Tips in increasing house safety

The security of your home should be your top priority.  Here are few tips you can do to increase it:

• Immediately replace locks if keys are lost or stolen.

• If you have recently moved to your new house or apartment, have the keys changed.

• If you are away from home, keep the doors locked and secured.  It also helps driving off possible break-ins by leaving some lights on.

Five lever locks for external doors

This is an absolute must for security purposes. In fact traditionally many insurers have made this a requirement for a very good reason. They are burglar proof in many instances if you have taken the trouble to keep the key in a safe place.

Compare the different types of deadbolts when shopping

With a traditional single cylinder deadbolt, you will be able to lock your door only from the outside. When you have a cylinder and a thumb turn, you will have the opportunity to lock and unlock the door from the inside without using the key. You will just need to use the thumb turn. The third option is a double cylinder deadbolt that can be locked from the inside and the outside using a key.

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